COMMIT/ROLLBACK on Database recursive queries

This topic is about how you handle error on recursive/looped database transaction.

Imagine Inserting a batches(rows) of data from the database if ones batch(row) fails, the next rows to be inserted will be disregarded which results to a not complete batch of data inserted.

So below is how you handle this common scenario.

try {

            $wpdb->query(‘START TRANSACTION’);

            //recursive query here


}catch(Exception $e){

     //some error handling code here



Note i am using wpcodex functions, can be applied in any platforms as long as you have START TRANSACTION,COMMIT on success and ROLLBACK on failure.


2. Recursive queries examples are, multiple inserts from db.

foreach ($step->controls as $control) {

                    $wpdb->insert(‘controls’, array(

                        ‘control’ => $control->name,

                        ‘step_id’ => $step_id,



Assuming line above will insert multiple rows to the DB unless there is no error will occur it will fire the COMMIT that will execute all the inserts, else transaction will fire the ROLLBACK which will undo all the changes from the db within the transaction


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