MindBody WordPress Integration

You might be familiar of how awesome HealCode is. They provide some awesome plug and play widgets. Like Classes, Scheduling, Store etc.. For more awesomeness please visit https://www.healcode.com/ .

Now you might wonder how they made it. Healcode is using  MindBody available API which you will be granted once your are registered as a mindbody developer.

I made similar(will correct me i might be similar perhaps) way on how they do it.

What to do first?

  1. You have to register as a mindbody developer, here is the link https://developers.mindbodyonline.com/
  2. Upon registration you will be given your own api key, resourse name and siteid (This is for the mindbody sandbox only if you want you can activate your site to go live and you will be given a siteid).
  3. Setup your apache, mysql, php. I advice use xampp for windows. And you should perhaps enable the open ssl cause we will be using https request for the mindbody request.
  4. Setup your WordPress site.

Lets go!

  1. You can add/download the mzoo mindbody plugin on your wordpress site and modify it later for the lacking services. Incase you dont know the structure you can find the mzoo plugin file here projectdir/wp-content/plugins/mz-mindbody-api .
  2. On your wp-admin you can go to Settings-> MZ Mindbody. These is where you will be going to fillout the necessary information(The mindbody credential you are granted after you register as a mindbody developer) . Please see the image below.

  3. Then Save.

  4. Now you have already completed setting up your mindbody connection then now as you can see from the image above they are providing shortcodes use that shortcode to implement mindbody widget.

  5. Create a page then make[mz-mindbody-show-schedule] shortcode as a content.

  6. There you go you have a schedule widget , you can see above they only provide few widgets now you can modify the plugin projectdir/wp-content/plugins/mz-mindbody-api . There are lots of available service mindbody can provide, found on this link https://developers.mindbodyonline.com/Develop/GettingStarted(note you should first login as a mindbody developer). Please see api methods.


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