Install Dota 2 without downloading it

Install dota2 but you dont want to download huge gig of file because of slow internet(meh) and you want to save time? Below are the steps on how to do it. BUT please note you need a machine that has already dota2 installed on it , if you don’t have it or you’re friend don’t have it go to sleep and continue your life without DOTA 😛

And please note i only tried this on windows IDK if it’s the same on the other platform.

  1. Copy the dota2 beta folder from the other machine where it is already installed. Example directory is on C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta
  2. Now got to the computer you want dota2 to be installed  and install Steam (don’t worry steam is not that big)
  3. Login to your steam account/Create if you don’t have one zzzzzzz.
  4. Install Dota2 (ops! don’t panic i din’t want you to install the whole thing )
  5. Then Pause the installation (no need to continue , we install dota2 on purpose and pause it so it will create it’s directory/folder).
  6. Then transfer the file you copied from step #1 to steamapps\common folder. Example folder location C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common
  7. On my end i close the steam application but i think it is fine without closing it. But i know you are a bit hesitant so close it 😛
  8. Run steam again (if you skip step #7 go to step #9).
  9. Go to steam LIBRARY -> GAMES
  10. Right click on Dota2, hit Unistall this will remove something IDK what but it’s not the whole dota2 files so chill
  11. Then install Dota2 again – This time steam will verify if you have dota2 installed on your machine/computer . (wait until it’s done verifying)
  12. Then BOOM! you can now play DOTA2 as soon as it’s finish verifying IF THERE IS NO UPDATE/NEW PATCH.
  13. ENJOY!

Leave a comment if this article helps you or there is something that i miss.


8 thoughts on “Install Dota 2 without downloading it

  1. After coping the dota 2beta folder when I try to install dota 2 again. It says no disk space. And installation cancel. What should I do. Pls help.


  2. Thank you for this! Still working. I would just like to add, during the transfer you may delete the files in the download folder of Steam to free up space.


  3. owww!! i have a problem about intalling the game again.
    lately i intstalled dota2 after 2mins its already done
    but after i do every step then i try to install again the loading is not moving
    i dont know why dota 2 didnt installed again
    so sad 😦


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