Ignore File Changes without using .gitignore

I am taking a note regarding this way of ignoring file changes just encase you guys bump in to the situation where the file is not included to your .gitignore file and you want to keep it track later on.

This will tell git you want to start ignoring the changes to the file
git update-index  ––assume-unchanged path/to/file
(This command will assume that there is no changes to the specified file , so no need to worry if you’ll accidentally committed its changes)

When you want to start keeping track again
git update-index ––no-assume-unchanged path/to/file


Avoid app from crashing during the loop – C#

I was new on C#.Net when i tried to create an app for scraping websites. At first i am using a single thread to handle loop logic which causes the app to crash several times if it involves a huge amount of data and leave all activity on foreground.

C# has background worker which can help avoid system crashes and more resource wise.

check this simple code , this shows how background workers being used

Laravel 404

From your web development using Laravel you may experience this issue as you setup a fresh web application run by apache and using virtual host for your http configurations. Defined routes doesn’t work but you think you set it right. On your virtual host configuration (.conf file) you put

AllowOverride All

but still you are getting a 404 error

the solution is, be sure to enable mod_rewrite


sudo a2enmod rewrite

then restart your apache

sudo service apache2 restart

This should fix the issue

Note: This is on linux implemetation

I experienced this issue when i tried to setup AsgardCMS (a laravel CMS) on a fresh/new server, took me a long time to discover the issue that’s why i am posting this note just encase.